University Center, Lehigh University
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"What's Religion Got to Do With It? Gender, Sexuality and Techniques of Sacralizing/ Secularizing Difference"

Suzanne EdwardsAssociate Professor, English and Director of the Humanities Center - Lehigh University, U.S.A.
"A Postsecular Feminist Politics and Aesthetics: Emma Sulkowicz’s “Carry That Weight” and 21st-Century U.S. Anti-Rape Movements on College Campuses"

Misty LuminaisResearch Associate - Case Western Reserve University, U.S.A.
"Ritual Stripped of Religion, Infused with Spirituality: The Bricolage of Women’s Erotic Spirituality in a BDSM Community"

Keniece FordPh.D. Candidate - Women's Spirituality, California Institute of Integral Studies, U.S.A.
with co-presenter

Shayla TumblingPh.D. Candidate - Tennessee State University, U.S.A.
"Sacralizing Sex and the Body: Female Sexuality as a Source of Power and Wellness"

"Humanism in a Post-Human World? On Making Lives Matter In Transnational and Postcolonial Contexts"

Akosua Adomako Ampofo, Professor, Institute of African Studies - University of Ghana, Ghana 
"Christian Feminists and Anti-Hegemony Work: Unpacking Discourses" 

Nana Akua AnyidohoSenior Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research - University of Ghana, Ghana
"The Intersection of Feminism, Religion and Development in the Discourses of ‘Gender Workers’ in Ghana"

Nandini Deo, Assistant Professor, Political Science - Lehigh University, U.S.A.
"Liberal Secularism and the Public/Private Divide in Historical Perspective"

Natanya DuncanAssistant Professor, History and Africana Studies - Lehigh University, U.S.A.
"Warrior Mother of Africa’s Warriors of the Most High God”: Laura Kofey and the Secular African Universal Church

"Always the Exception? Islam, Gender and the Politics of Secularism"

Zara KahnGraduate Student - The City University of New York, U.S.A.
"Postsecular Feminism and the Rationality of Traditions: Can the Discourse on Human Rights and Islam be Saved?"

Afiya Shehrbano Zia, Feminist Researcher and Scholar, Women and Gender Studies Institute - University of Toronto, Canada (via Skype)
"Prognosis for Pakistan: Secular Feminism or Post-secular Polio?"

R. SanthoshAssistant Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences - Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
"Predicaments of Islamic Feminism in India: Some Reflections"

"Democratic Desires in a Secular Age: Global Politics, Nationalism, and the Promise/Peril of Religion"

Sonja ThomasAssistant Professor, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies - Colby College, U.S.A.
“A Life without Religion: Debates over Secularism, Religion and Morality in Indian Textbooks"


Rina Verma WilliamsAssistant Professor, Political Science - University of Cincinnati, U.S.A.
with co-presenter

Nandini DeoAssistant Professor, Political Science - Lehigh University, U.S.A.
"Hinduism and Democracy: Through the Lens of Gender" 

G. ArunimaProfessor, Centre for Women's Studies School of Social Sciences - Jawaharlal Nehru University, India (via Skype)
"Religion, Politics, Rights: How does Gender Figure in All This?"

"Spirituality and Materiality: Putting Bodies, Minds, and Spirits Together" 

Alka Arora, Program Chair, Women's Spirituality - California Institute of Integral Studies, U.S.A. (via Skype)
"Re-Enchanting Feminism: Challenging Religious and Secular Patriarchies"

Claire BlencoweAssociate Professor, Sociology - University of Warwick, U.K. (via Skype)   
"Ecological Attunment in a Theological Key: An Adventure in Anti-fascist Aesthetics"

Susan VisvanathanProfessor, Centre for the Study of Social Systems - Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
"The Greening of a Holy Mountain: Ecological and Spiritual Aspects of Feminist Intervention in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India"

"Righteous Text: Religion, Performance and Visual Culture"

Anne DeLong, Associate Professor, English - Kutztown University, U.S.A.
"Feminist Witches: Images of Wiccan Spirituality on TV"

Hannah DurkinLeverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow - University of Nottingham, U.K.
"Katherine Dunham’s Cinematic Engagement with Haitian Vodoun"

Sarala KrishnamurthyDean, School of Human Sciences - Namibia University of Sciences and Technology, Namibia
“Righteousness and What is Right?” Feminism and Religion in Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible”


"Advancing a Feminist Agenda Across the Religious/Secular Divide: Reports on Activism and Theory"

Christine Cusack
, Ph.D. Candidate, 
Classics and Religious Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada 
"(Not so) Well-behaved Women: Piety and Practice Among 21st Century Mormon Feminists"

Rachel Everett-Fry, Undergraduate,Women and Gender Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada
"The Body of a Nation: How the Category of Religion Conflates Nationalist and Gendered Ideologies"

Naomi Goldenberg, Professor Classics and Religious Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada
"What is this Slouching Toward Bethlehem? – Is it a New Feminist Defense of Religion?"

Cameron Montgomery, Ph.D. Candidate - Classics and Religious Studies, Algonquin College, Canada
"Between Sovereignties: Women between Church and State in Ukraine"


"Reflections: Feminism Beyond the Secular"

Akosua Adomako Ampofo, Professor, Institute of African Studies - University of Ghana, Ghana 

Srimati Basu, Professor, Gender and Women's Studies / Anthropology - University of Kentucky, U.S.A.

Vera Fennell, Associate Professor, Political Science - Lehigh University, U.S.A.

Nessette FaluVisiting Scholar, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies - Lehigh University, U.S.A.